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Ep 4: Energy Investing - The Oil And Gas Industry

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Guest Casey Minshew from Energy Funders talks about some pros and cons of investing in the oil and gas industry and the tax benefits that can come from this sector. If you’ve ever consider this investment, you’ll want to check out this conversation.

Between recent legislation and a push for clean energy, the oil and gas industry has seen its capital begin leaving for other sectors but there’s still opportunity in this arena.

To help us get a clearer picture of the oil and gas as an investment option, we brought on Casey Minshew of Energy Funders. He’s well-versed and extremely knowledgeable about this industry and will pass along some of that information on this show.

As you’ll hear during the conversation, the real benefit of Energy Funders is that they take much of the complexity out of the an oil and gas investment by identifying a project and taking the investor all the way through the project. There’s so much that goes into drilling and this takes all of that time and legwork off your plate.

A lot of times, people struggle to get a good grasp on what exactly you’re getting from your investment. Minshew explains that you’re buying working interest in the form of property. You as the investor assume the liabilities of the well but you retain net revenue interest along side that. At the end of the day, you’re buying and owning piece of the asset.

The big risk to this business is pretty clear. Even with the technology and tools available, it’s still impossible to guarantee that you’ll find oil or gas when you begin drilling. There are some different ways they identify proven areas of land and make that available for investors, which is one of the more popular options they provide.

The last thing that we’ll really dive into is what this can mean for your taxes. Investing in oil and gas can actually provide a number of tax benefits, which you’ll hear all about on the show.

So let’s get started. You can listen to the full episode or use the timestamps below to find a specific segment.

0:41 – How he got into the industry

3:17 – The transparency they provide

3:57 – Wildcatting

5:59 – The attraction to yield funds

7:40 – Tax benefits

12:09 – Dividends

14:00 – Industry changes

15:06 – Moving forward if you’re interested

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