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Ep 2: Will You Run Out of Money Before You Run Out of Life?

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Retirement Planning

What’s the best way to find the answer to that question? Quite simply, it’s putting together a retirement plan. But where should you start? We’ve put together a book that addresses the key areas of planning that will allow you to determine how much you’re going to need to cover your entire retirement.

The number one fear for anyone entering into retirement is running out of money. No one wants to reach a point in life where they either have to return to work or really watch what they’re spending.

The only way you can truly have confidence in your portfolio and your financial future is by building a comprehensive plan. So many factors play into that process and it can be an uphill battle to do on your own. We will provide a lot of that insight on this show, but Michael also authored a book that can help you with planning areas that are most important.

On this episode, we give you a preview of everything that you’ll find in the ‘Will you run out of money before you run out of life?’ but we also want to offer you the opportunity to get a complimentary copy of the book.

Check out the show and then follow this link to get more details.

Listen to the full episode or use the timestamps below to find a specific segment.


0:31 – Will you get a pension?

1:11 – Why are you in the stock market?

1:54 – Bounce the check to the funeral home

2:25 –Increasing monthly income

3:17 – Also includes the SECURE Act

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